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Azmaya Rice Bin 5kg

Azmaya Rice Bin 5kg

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Great for storage and preservation of rice, the box has a timeless, natural wood appearance.

The wonderful, soft feel of the Paulownia wood has a rustic quality to it that serves a useful function. Paulownia, or Kiri wood, is a natural insect repellent and is a porous wood that manages moisture very well. It’s no wonder why Kiri wood has been used for preservation for countless generations. 

The production of this box takes place in Kasukabe City, in Saitama Prefecture. This area, famous for Kiri wood crafts, constructs the rice chest using no nails or metal fittings. Built by master craftsmen, the fit and finish is outstanding. 

The box features a sliding door, rice cup for measuring and a removable top for restock and cleaning. 

Azmaya, a Tokyo based company, has been operating since 1997. Azmaya collaborates with designers, artisans and small local manufacturers to create tools and crafts for everyday living. The company offers many items with the traditional Japanese aesthetic in mind. 

It’s recommended to wipe the box with a damp cloth before use. Please avoid using excess water and detergent, as well as direct sunlight, which may damage or warp the wood. 

Brand: Azmaya

Size: 300mm length x240mm width x180mm tall

Weight: 870g (1lb 15oz)

Material: Paulownia wood (Kiri) 

Note: The photos shown are one example. The specific item you receive may differ slightly in appearance. 

This is a handmade product, so there may be slight variations in appearance, which may include small scratches that occur in the manufacturing process. 

Made in Japan

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