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Ceramic Honing Rod 10"

Ceramic Honing Rod 10"

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This short and compact honing rod works well for quickly realigning the edge on your knife, and it is easy to store away due to its small footprint. 

Depending on the type of knife you're using, a honing rod may be a quick and useful tool to hone your edge. A ceramic honing rod works well with a much wider range of knives, such as carbon steel knives, because of its hardness. This is not always the case for steel honing rods. 

Leather honing strops are a great alternative and often work better because there is no chance of scratching your blade and the contact area is much wider. 

Brand: Kyocera

Size: Ceramic rod: 150mm (6in) total length: 260mm (10in)

Weight: 92g (3.2oz)

Material: Ceramic, plastic

Made in Japan

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