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Unbleached Cotton Cloth (Pack of 3)

Unbleached Cotton Cloth (Pack of 3)

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Unbleached cloths work great in the kitchen, there’s no risk of contamination when working directly with food. These towels are often used for straining Dashi and squeezing fruit.

But these towels have another great use. Each towel is about 30cm square, a great size for a cook who needs a handy towel to wipe his knife often, particularly with carbon steel blades that tend to rust and discolor easily. The cloth comes in a pack of 3, so you have the option of using both a dry and damp towel to clean your knife. 

The cloth breathes well and is highly absorbent. 

Kiya is a Tokyo based company founded in 1792. Kiya manufactures and distributes various excellent living tools, including a wide range of kitchen utensils and knives. 

Brand: Kiya

Size: about 32cm x 32cm

Material: unbleached cotton

Please Note: The edges may fray, but can be trimmed with scissors. 

Made in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture Japan 

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