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Wooden Drop Lid Skimmer Akutori Otoshibuta 16cm

Wooden Drop Lid Skimmer Akutori Otoshibuta 16cm

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A Drop Lid (Otoshibuta) is a traditional lid designed to rest on top of food being simmered in a pot. This technique holds the ingredients in place so they don’t break apart, circulates the liquid so the ingredients cook evenly, and allows the food to be coated evenly, without the need for stirring. 

A Drop Lid Skimmer (Akutori Otoshibuta) is a creative design that features deep ridges on the bottom of the lid. The ridges gather any impurities that rise to the surface of the simmering dish. To skim this away, simply remove the lid, wash away the impurities, and repeat as often as needed. 

The 2 lids function the same way, but the Skimmer Lid has the ability to remove all those unwanted impurities from the pot. These tools are cherished by chefs and home cooks alike when preparing Nimono (simmered foods). 

When choosing a size, please keep in mind the Drop Lid sits inside the pot, with a gap between the lid and the wall. 

Yamacoh, founded in 1972, is based in Natsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, specializes in natural wooden products. Their Youbi brand can be described as ‘functional beauty.’ Youbi’s wood products are primarily made from Japanese Cypress, Hinoki and Sawara. These skilled craftsmen produce refined products that are delicately lined, with smooth beautiful surfaces.

Brand: Yamacoh

Size: 16cm diameter

Material: natural wood

Wood is not dishwasher safe. Excessive detergent and soap may damage the wood products as well.

Made in China

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