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Hanabusa by Tsuji Wood Technical

Yoshino Hinoki Cutting Board Size M

Yoshino Hinoki Cutting Board Size M

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Handmade from one solid piece of Hinoki, the Yoshino cutting board has a silk soft finish, giving it a premium feel that makes cutting and wiping away product very easy. The firmness of the surface is ideal for maintaining your knifes edge. 

Yoshino, grown in the Kii Peninsula of Nara Prefecture, is considered to be one of the finest Hinoki woods in Japan. It is characterized by a pale pink heartwood and nearly uniform, dense annual rings. Like all Hinoki, Yoshino is naturally antibacterial and mold resistant, and has a light, natural citrus smell. It dries quickly, which makes it easy to use and maintain. 

Yoshino wood has a unique cutting surface, which is gentle on your knifes edge but with great feedback when cutting through product. It’s precise and fun to use. 

Additionally, the silk finish, unique to Hanabusa’s cutting boards, make it easy and efficient to remove sliced or chopped product. Wet or dry, it’s very easy to pick up or wipe away damp items, which is not the case with many synthetic cutting boards. 

Hanabusa by Tsuji Wood Technical is a woodworking company based in Osaka, Japan. The online shop specializes in custom orders, which include a wide range of handmade cutting boards, built by master craftsmen.

Brand: Hanabusa by Tsuji Wood Technical

Measurements: 365mm length x 275mm width x 26mm tall

Weight: 1090g (38oz)

Material: Yoshino Hinoki wood 

Made in Japan

Care and use: This cutting board is made of one solid piece of Hinoki, which is great because composite wood boards (made of 2 or more wood pieces) are much more likely warp with use. However, care should be taken when using this product. Please keep in mind this is a highly absorbent wood and it can warp or crack if exposed to excessive heat or rapid temperature changes. 

-Try to briefly wet the board with water before any use and or cleaning with soap or bleach. 

-Try to avoid excessive use of soap or bleach. This may damage the natural oils in the wood.

-Avoid putting the board away wet. Hand drying with a towel generally works well. 

-Avoid storing the board in damp, humid or excessively hot areas. And avoid direct sunlight.

Please note: Untreated raw wood may warp over time. Likewise, there is the possibility of small cracks to occur in the wood. We do not accept returns for warped or cracked wood.

Please note: The photos shown are from a single cutting board. The actual product you receive may look slightly different.

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