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Iroha Sandwich Maker by Yamacoh

Iroha Sandwich Maker by Yamacoh

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Sandos (sandwiches) are very popular in Japan, often with many ingredients that are stacked high. This sandwich maker is useful for building delicious creations and keeping them organized. Included is the main body, which has slots to slice the sandwich in half, and a top and bottom portion. The top portion can be used as a guide to cut your bread to shape. This clever design allows you to easily slide your sandwich through the guide, with the top and bottoms pieces holding it secure. 

This can also be used to make Onigiriazu, which is a rice or sushi sandwich. Briefly immerse the piece in water and hand dry with a towel before making this. 

Yamacoh, founded in 1972, is based in Natsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, specializes in natural wooden products. Their Youbi brand can be described as ‘functional beauty.’ Youbi’s wood products are primarily made from Japanese Cypress, Hinoki and Sawara. These skilled craftsmen produce refined products that are delicately lined, with smooth beautiful surfaces.

Brand: Yamacoh

Size: About 14cm x 12.5cm x 10cm tall

Weight: About 336g (12oz)

Material: Hinoki wood

Please Note: It’s recommended to hand wash this item.

Made in Japan

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