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Wappa Ohitsu Rice Chest 8-Cup

Wappa Ohitsu Rice Chest 8-Cup

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For a traditional, natural and timeless rice container, which is as functional as it is attractive, a Wappa Ohitsu is a wonderful choice. This container, with an 8 cup capacity, also has a fine polymer coating on the outside to prevent discoloring, bending and cracking. The craftsmanship is really something to admire. The woodgrain pattern is wrapped around the entire piece.  

Ohitsu is a wooden tub or container used to store prepared rice. But it’s much more than just a container, and there’s a reason Ohitsu has been used for generations. The wood absorbs the steam from the rice, retaining moisture that keeps the rice perfectly balanced. Placing freshly cooked rice in a Ohitsu will give the rice a wonderful chewy texture and a uniquely pleasant wood aroma. There is nothing like opening the lid to find the beautiful glossy pearls of rice inside!

Magewappa, a traditional steam-bending woodcraft technique, which began generations ago in Odate, Akita Prefecture, creates a truly unique and beautiful piece. The main body of the vessel is formed from a single sheet of wood and wrapped into a cylinder. Additional pieces are added, depending on the use. 

This particular Wappa Ohitsu features a lid that covers the top portion of the container. This is the eastern style from Tokyo, it’s known as “Edobitsu.”

Yamacoh, founded in 1972, is based in Natsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, specializes in natural wooden products. Their Youbi brand can be described as ‘functional beauty.’ Youbi’s wood products are primarily made from Japanese Cypress, Hinoki and Sawara. These skilled craftsmen produce refined products that are delicately lined, with smooth beautiful surfaces.

Brand: Yamacoh

Size: Body, about 195x138mm tall. Lid, about 210x35mm tall. Total height, about 150mm

Capacity: about 8 cups

Weight: about 439g (About 16oz)

Material: Wappa: Tono Hinoki / Lid and bottom: Kiso Sawara

Before using, always briefly immerse in water. Wood is highly absorbent and make soak up unwanted flavors. 

Please note: Wood is not dishwasher safe. Excessive detergent and soap may damage the wood products and natural oils as well.

Please note: Avoid putting away wet. Hand drying with a towel generally works well. Avoid storing in damp, humid or excessively hot areas. And avoid direct sunlight.

This is a handmade product, so there may be slight variations in appearance, which may include small scratches that occur in the manufacturing process. 

Please note that the photos shown are one example. The specific item you receive may differ slightly in appearance. 

Made in Japan

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