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Okubo House

Okubo House Handmade Jam Spoon Maple

Okubo House Handmade Jam Spoon Maple

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Called a Jam Spoon, this wonderful utensil is really like a tiny spatula, and it can be used for much more than just jam. The shape of this spoon works particularly well scraping from the bottom of a jar. And this is the perfect utensil for Gyoza making. The spoon is made of maple and has a timeless, natural look. 

When referring to cooking and kitchen work, a famous chef once said, “Use your hands whenever possible.” Here at Hinoki Kitchen/Craft the phrase, “use wood whenever possible” would be appropriate to the philosophy of our kitchen.

Okubo House embodies this philosophy quite well. All products are hand-made using natural materials. In fact, no filing is used when making these products, only a specific planing technique, which leaves few if any scratches. And this technique is much more resistant to scratches. The comfort of using Okubo Houses products are amazing too. The spoons and spatulas are not only comfortable to hold and use, but make stirring, scooping and flipping much easier and functional.

Okubo House, founded in 2012 in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, produces unique, high quality wooden kitchen tools.

Brand: Okubo House

Size: About 170mm length x2.5mm width

Weight: About 3g

Material: Maple

Please note the photos show one example. The item you receive may have a slightly different wood pattern, color or shape. 

Made in Japan

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