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Oroshigane Copper Grater Dual-Sided No. 5

Oroshigane Copper Grater Dual-Sided No. 5

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Kanematsu's Copper grater is dual-sided, having a coarse or fine side. Pressing the ingredient into the tool and grinding in a circular motion will produce the desired paste. The copper is lined with tin to prevent rusting and discoloration. 

The best way to remove product from this grater is with a Yakumiyose Brush

The heft of this grater is impressive, weighing about 8oz. Its size and sharpness ensure it will be used for many years. The build quality is excellent. 

The #5 size strikes a balance between a working kitchen or home cook tool. 

Brand: Kanematsu

Size: 90mm length x 100mm wide (at the base) 

Weight: about 230g (8oz)

Material: copper, tin

Made in Japan

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