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Tawashi Iron Pan Scrubber

Tawashi Iron Pan Scrubber

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Scrub brushes (Tawashi) have been used for ages in Japan. Made from the bark of the Windmill Palm Tree, or Shuro, Tawashi is flexible and sometimes soft in texture. However, this Palm brush is best for scrubbing pans, particularly iron or non-stick pans, as it is made from Onige, the coarse, stiff part of the Palm Fiber. 

Best practices for cleaning with a Tawashi are while the pan is still hot, under hot running water, scrub the pan clean (using no soap) rinse and place back on the burner to dry. This minimizes the cleanup process, while keeping a clean, sanitized kitchen. 

The brush includes a convenient hanging loop to ensure it stays dry. 

With proper care, the Tawashi Iron Pan Scrubber will last for years. 

Takada, located in Wakayama Prefecture in Southern Japan has been handcrafting Tawashi and other accessories for over 70 years. They maintain the tradition of Japanese scrub brushes by utilizing the fresh bark of the Shuro Tree. 

Brand: Takada

Measurements: 165mm Length, about 80mm Width, about 30mm Tall (brush head)

Weight: 38grams

Materials: Hemp Palm Tree (China), Beech wood, stainless steel

Please note: Fibers may come out when first using. With use this will fade. 

Please note: To maintain a clean brush, it is recommended to occasionally soak the brush in a light bleach/water solution.

Made in Japan 

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