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THE Soy Sauce Cruet

THE Soy Sauce Cruet

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THE soy sauce cruet is designed by Keita Suzuki, and manufactured at the designated factory of Tsugaru Vidro (Ishizuka Glass Company) The elegant design is a joy to use, and with no spout or beak on the cruet, it’s impressive to see the simplicity of the design work very well. 

The cruet uses a crystal glass, which is highly transparent and adds luster to the liquid inside.

A cruet is a practical dispenser if you often use condiments such as soy sauce, vinegar or olive oil at the table. But when you cook with ingredients like soy sauce or vinegar, a cruet is essential for distributing just the right amount of liquid, with an even, steady pour. Seasoning with a cruet becomes much easier due to the consistency of the pour. 

Brand: THE

Size: about 50mm wide x about 115mm tall

Capacity: about 80ml

Weight: about 200g

Material: Crystal Glass

Please note: This item is not dishwasher safe. 

Made in Japan

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