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Square Grill by Yamacoh

Square Grill by Yamacoh

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Designed for use with a portable gas stove, this compact grill is just the right size for smaller groups. Made of aluminum and featuring a ceramic coating, it’s both lightweight and non-stick, ensuring quick heating and easy cleanup. This grill is easy to transport and store away. 

The grill portion is removable for easy cleaning, and the main body has a drip tray, keeping oil and fat away from the flame. 

This grill will fit most single burner, portable butane stoves. 

Yamacoh, founded in 1972, is based in Natsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, specializes in natural wooden products. Their Youbi brand can be described as ‘functional beauty.’ Youbi’s wood products are primarily made from Japanese Cypress, Hinoki and Sawara. These skilled craftsmen produce refined products that are delicately lined, with smooth beautiful surfaces.

Brand: Yamacoh

Size: 195mm x 180mm x 25mm tall (7in x 7.5in x 1in tall)

Weight: About 546g (19oz)

Material: Aluminum, Ceramic coating

Please Note: 

-It’s recommended to hand wash this item.

-Only compatible with direct flame 

-NOT compatible with induction. 

-Care should taken cleaning and/or using sharp utensils. 

Made in Japan

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