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Yakumiyose Bamboo Brush 18cm

Yakumiyose Bamboo Brush 18cm

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Called a Yakumiyose, a tool to gather seasonings, this fine toothed brush aids in the collection of items from a Oroshigane (metal grater) or a Suribachi (grinding bowl) The brush is very useful at removing ginger, wasabi or sesame seeds that accumulate while grating or grinding. Bamboo is especially useful because it will not damage delicate ceramic or metal surfaces. 

Miyabitake is a bamboo and cypress production company located in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. The company specializes in kitchen utensils, bamboo chopsticks and cutlery.

Brand: Miyabitake

Size: 18cm length

Weight: 8g

Material: Bamboo

Made in Japan

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