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Yamasaki Design Works

Sandwich Guide by Yamasaki Design Works

Sandwich Guide by Yamasaki Design Works

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A useful tool for evenly distributing ingredients on your sandwich bread. Often when making sandwiches, ingredients are concentrated in the middle, which makes for an uneven sandwich that is stacked too high. This simple guide, when placed on the bread, allows you to stack, layer or line up ingredients evenly and consistently. And when ready, simply remove the guide and complete your sandwich. And for a smaller, kid friendly size, you can place the bread inside the guide, which makes for a compact, uniform sandwich. 

Sandos (sandwiches) are very popular in Japan, and with many creative and ingredient rich sandwiches, it’s clear why this tool is so useful. 

The square guide also works well for egg cooking in this shape, which could be whole or scrambled. 

Yamasaki Design Works, founded in 2005 by Hiroshi Yamasaki, aims to design creative, everyday items that bring joy to the consumer. 

Brand: Yamasaki Design Works

Size: About 104x158x40mm tall

Weight: 130g (4.6oz)

Material: Stainless Steel

Please Note: It’s recommended to hand wash this item.

Made in Japan

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