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Yoshida Sarashi

Yoshida Sarashi Kitchen Towel

Yoshida Sarashi Kitchen Towel

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Along with the kitchen essentials of a sharp knife and a sturdy cutting board, a clean and highly absorbent kitchen towel is a must have for any cook. A bleached white towel, or Sarashi, excels at keeping your workspace tidy and sanitary. Sold at a length 33 feet, simply choose your desired length and cut with a pair of scissors. Often a Sarashi is used for drying blanched vegetables, wiping a knife after use and draining Dashi stock. 

Domestically grown, processed and sewn in Osaka Prefecture, Yoshida Sarashi kitchen towels are a favorite of sushi chefs and home cooks alike. And at a length of 33 feet, you can customize many sizes to your preference.

Founded in 1936, Yoshida Sarashi is a textile manufacturing company located in Tsubame City in Niigata Prefecture. They have many areas of production, including Osaka. 

Brand: Yoshida Sarashi

Size: 34cm x 10m (13.5in x 33ft)

Weight: 376g (13.2oz)

Materials: 100% non-fluorescent bleached domestic yarn

Made in Japan

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