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Ebematsu Shoji

Bamboo Steamer 21cm Kiso Hinoki

Bamboo Steamer 21cm Kiso Hinoki

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A Chinese style bamboo steamer, but made of Kiso Hinoki as well. This steamer is handmade, durable and excels at retaining heat, with an average thickness of 15mm. This is a unique style of Seiro, which is sure to last for many years. 

Please note: The base and lid of this steamer are sold separately, they are modular. If you would like to purchase multiple bases for steaming, you may do so. 

This 21cm Bamboo Steamer will fit perfectly inside the Dantsuki Seiro Pot or the Dantsuki Steamer Pot without the need for a steam ring. However, if you use other pots, consider purchasing the 24cm steam ring or larger. The size of the ring corresponds to the pot size, NOT the steamer size. Generally, select a steam ring that is one size larger than the steamer for a good fit. 

Brand: Ebematsu Shoji 

Size (approx.)




212 x 60mm tall

212 x 60mm tall


193 x 40mm tall

193 x 65mm tall




Materials: Kiso Hinoki, Bamboo, stainless steel wire, Rattan

Please see the product care page for details. 

Made in Japan


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