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Ebematsu Shoji

Dantsuki Steamer Pot 21cm

Dantsuki Steamer Pot 21cm

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The Dantsuki Seiro Pot works well for a wide variety of uses, but it is particularly useful for steaming, due to the inner ledge of the pot, which holds a steaming basket (Seiro). The pot also works really well for drop lids, which sit directly on top of food. The 18cm wooden drop lid fits perfectly. This pot is made of aluminum, which is excellent at conducting and distributing heat. 

Without a steam ring, this pot will perfectly fit the 21cm Bamboo Steamer, the Daidokoro Seiro Steamer or the Seiro Steamer Basket

With this Steam Ring, the Tofu Maker by Yamacoh with fit this pot. 

Dantsuki is a high-walled pot designed for simmering, boiling or steaming. The pot features a interior ledge to accommodate a steaming basket (Seiro) or drop lid (Otoshibuta).

The hammered appearance of this pot results in excellent thermal conductivity. It also strengthens its durability and increases the surface area. 

Founded in 1937, Ebematsu Shoji, or EBM, is a purveyor of restaurant supplies and cookware for kappo, izakaya, major hotels and the like. They have an extensive collection of items catering towards Japanese cuisine. 

Brand: EBM

Size: Inside ledge: 210mm diameter. Top ledge: 230mm diameter. Inside bottom: 150mm diameter. 

Height: about 100mm 

Weight: 15oz

Material: Aluminium 

Due to its strong reaction to acidity and alkaline, aluminum will likely discolor. To ease this, use either water that was used for washing rice, or water with vegetable scraps and bring to a boil in the pot. This is recommended before you first use the pot. 

Aluminum is not dishwasher safe

Please Note: The pot does not include any of the items shown in the photos. 

Made in Japan

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