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Dantsuki Seiro Pot Lid 21cm

Dantsuki Seiro Pot Lid 21cm

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This hand-hammered pot lid will fit most pots and pans with a 21cm (8.2in) diameter. This lid fits perfectly with the Dantsuki Seiro Pot 21cm

Dantsuki is a high-walled pot designed for simmering, boiling or steaming. The pot features a interior ledge to accommodate a steaming basket (Seiro) or drop lid.

The hammered finish of the lid adds durability and increases the surface area.

Kiya is a Tokyo based company founded in 1792. Kiya manufactures and distributes various excellent living tools, including a wide range of kitchen utensils and knives. 

Brand: Kiya

Size: 230mm width x 50mm tall, 2mm thick

Weight: 245g

Material: aluminum, wood 

Please note: this item is not dishwasher safe

This is a handmade product, so there may be slight variations in appearance, which may include small scratches that occur in the manufacturing process. 

Please note that the photos shown are one example. The specific item you receive may differ slightly in appearance. 

Made in Japan

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