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Cotton Steamer Cloth

Cotton Steamer Cloth

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While using any type of steamer, but particularly Seiro Steamers, food may stick to the bottom surface. This cloth is a great solution to keep items arranged and prevent food from sticking together or to the bottom of the steamer. This is an indispensable tool for reheating rice in a Seiro because there is little to no clean up if the rice is removed while hot. 

A Seiro is a type of steamer made from wood. Japanese Seiros are usually made of Cedar or Cypress (Hinoki), while Chinese steamers are made from Bamboo. The two types of steamers serve the same function. They work very well at uniformly heating and cooking a wide variety of items. A Seiro is an essential tool for steamed buns, or Bao. But there are many uses for a Seiro, including reheating rice, which gives wonderful results. A steam cloth is recommended for easy cleanup.

This is a great alternative to using parchment paper because it’s reusable and allows the steam to penetrate much better.

Yamacoh, founded in 1972, is based in Natsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, specializes in natural wooden products. Their Youbi brand can be described as ‘functional beauty.’ Youbi’s wood products are primarily made from Japanese Cypress, Hinoki and Sawara. These skilled craftsmen produce refined products that are delicately lined, with smooth beautiful surfaces.

Brand: Yamacoh

Size: about 66cm x 68cm

Material: 100% Cotton

Made in Japan

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