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Yakumiyose Bamboo Brush

Yakumiyose Bamboo Brush

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Called a Yakumiyose, a tool to gather seasonings, this fine toothed brush aids in the collection of items from a Oroshigane (metal grater) or a Suribachi (grinding bowl) The brush is very useful at removing ginger, wasabi or sesame seeds that accumulate while grating or grinding. Bamboo is especially useful because it will not damage delicate ceramic or metal surfaces. 

The Kiya Yakumiyose is made from Henon bamboo in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture. This too is the production area of Chasen (bamboo Matcha whisk) In fact, due to the strict quality standards of Chasen production, those bamboo pieces not cut to specification, will be used to make Yakumiyose brushes! The brush comes with a loop made of silk, used for hanging. 

Kiya is a Tokyo based company founded in 1792. Kiya manufactures and distributes various excellent living tools, including a wide range of kitchen utensils and knives. 

Brand: Kiya

Size: about 80mm length x20mm width at head

Weight: about 3g

Material: bamboo, silk

Made in Japan

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