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Hasegawa Non-Slip Mat

Hasegawa Non-Slip Mat

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This is one of the best non-slip mats available. Hasegawa excels at creating useful, hygienic kitchen products with a build quality second to none. The non-slip mat doesn’t lose its grip, even when wet, and is totally waterproof. It provides a versatile, multipurpose use particularly when placed under slippery items, rather than a wet cloth. The mat also provides a firm grip when opening jars.

This is highly recommended as a secure, hygienic surface to place your cutting board. Likewise, it’s great for whetstones and other sharpening task needs. 

Hasegawa is based in Chiba Prefecture and have been operating since 1955. They provide a wide-range of products, some of which cater to Japanese professional kitchens.

Brand: Hasegawa

Size & Weight:

                          200x125mm, 70g (2.5oz)

                          250x150mm, 100g (3.5oz)

                          300x200mm, 160g (5.6oz)

                          400x200mm, 210g (7.4oz)

Material: Styrene Elastomer Resin

Note: Dishwasher safe. Bleach safe

Made in Japan

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