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Hinoki Kitchen/Craft

Pecan Hinoki Leather Knife Strop

Pecan Hinoki Leather Knife Strop

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The Hinoki Leather Knife Strop is an essential tool to quickly refine and hone the sharpness and edge of your kitchen knife. 

A leather strop is an excellent tool to maintain your knifes edge. A strop is great for removing tiny imperfections after sharpening. A crucial step to a very sharp knife. Also, with common everyday use the edge will bend to one side or the other. A strop is very useful to realign this primary edge. Think of it like a honing rod, but much easier to use. 

The design came from a desire for a strop that was both quick and reliable. A strop tall enough to work on its own with a non-slip base, a reliable height to allow for knuckle clearance and a leather that worked great with or without compound. The draw of this leather is exceptional. 

Aniline is an exceptionally high quality leather, rich in color and tone, the surface is smooth and durable. The tactile feel of this leather improves over time. Aniline Leather works great if stropping or honing with compounds, but works well by itself too. 

Yoshino, grown in the Kii Peninsula of Nara Prefecture, is considered to be one of the finest Hinoki woods in Japan. It is characterized by a pale pink heartwood and nearly uniform, dense annual rings. Like all Hinoki, Yoshino is naturally antibacterial and mold resistant, and has a light, natural citrus smell. It dries quickly, which makes it easy to use and maintain. 

Brand: Hinoki Kitchen/Craft

Size: 210mm length x70mm width x50mm tall

Weight: 320g (11.5oz)

Material: Yoshino Hinoki, Aniline Leather

Note: The strop has non-slip tape attached at the base. The low profile tape provides excellent support with zero slip. 

Yoshino Hinoki from Japan

Aniline Leather made in USA

Assembled in USA

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