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Suehiro Debado MD-20 #200 Sharpening Stone

Suehiro Debado MD-20 #200 Sharpening Stone

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The MD-20 is a 200 grit coarse sharpening stone that is suitable for burr formation and thinning. A rubber base is included as well as a dressing stone. Generously sized and slow wearing, the Debado MD stones are a great overall option.  

The Debado MD series from Suehiro are some of the largest whetstones available. And because of the size and weight, these whetstones have excellent stability. The Debado whetstones are splash-and-go, meaning no soaking is required. Simply wet the surface and you're ready to go. 

Based in Niigata and founded in 1964, Suehiro is a whetstone manufacturing company well established and known for producing high quality and consistent whetstones for professionals and home-users alike. 

Brand: Suehiro

Size: about 230mm x 90mm x 30mm tall 

Weight: 1072g (2lbs 6oz)

Material: synthetic abrasive

Made in Japan

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