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Jikko Nihonko Honesuki 150mm

Jikko Nihonko Honesuki 150mm

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Brand: Jikko

Profile: Honesuki

Size: 150mm

Steel Type: Japanese Steel

Steel: Carbon Steel

Handle: Pakka Western

Total Length: 269mm

Edge Length: 157mm

Handle to Tip Length: 154mm

Blade Height: 42mm

Thickness: 2.2mm

Handle Length: 115mm

Weight: 158g

Bevel: Single

Hand Orientation: Right-Handed 

Nihonko, or “Japanese Steel” is a high-carbon, mono steel blade that is easy to sharpen and holds a good edge with a very nice bite. Nihonko knives are recommended for people new to carbon steel blades and/or sharpening. These knives are particularly useful as a sturdy workhorse in professional kitchens or right at home. This is a carbon steel blade, care should be taken to minimize corrosion. These knives are hand sharpened and ready to use. 

Honesuki is a traditional Japanese knife, often single-bevel. This knife is primarily used for working with poultry. This is a shorter, stiffer knife with a pointed, reinforced tip that works great for boning chicken. 

Jikko was founded in 1901 in Sakai, a city located in Osaka Prefecture. Sakai is a city well known for high quality knives, yet consistently for over 120 years, Jikko is considered one of the top knife manufacturers in Japan. To maintain its high quality standards, Jikko collaborates often with chefs throughout Japan to better understands the varying styles and demands of a variety of cuisine. Jikko knives feature a unique “Hatsuke” finish on their knives. After years of research, this method was developed to give a knife a finer angle that results in  sharper blade that can go longer between sharpening sessions.  

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