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Sakai Kikumori

Sakai Kikumori Kiwami VG-10 Usuba 195mm

Sakai Kikumori Kiwami VG-10 Usuba 195mm

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Brand: Sakai Kikumori

Profile: Usuba

Size: 195mm

Steel Type: VG-10

Steel: Stainless Steel

Handle: Ho Wood & Buffalo Horn Ferrule Octogonal 

Total Length: 337mm

Edge Length: 180mm

Handle to Tip Length: 198mm

Blade Height: 48mm

Thickness: 3.2mm

Handle Length: 138mm

Weight: 205g

Bevel: Single

Hand Orientation: Right-Handed 

VG-10 is a high-end stainless steel that is famous for its edge retention, durability and ability to hold a very sharp edge. Known as the gold standard, VG-10 was created by Takefu Special Steel Co. LTD. This steel incorporates a high amount of carbon content, giving it excellent edge retention and a higher amount of hardness. Notable qualities of VG-10 are:

-Excellent edge retention

-Excellent corrosion resistance

-Very durable

-Excellent balance of sharpness, edge retention and corrosion resistance

Usuba is a traditional Japanese single-bevel knife used for vegetable cutting. The blade is usually thin and excels at fine cutting tasks. Maintenance and use of a single-bevel knife, particularly stropping or sharpening, is different from double-bevel knives. 

Founded in 1926 and based in Osaka Prefecture, Sakai Kikumori, also known as Kawamura Hamono, employs some of the best blacksmiths and sharpeners in Japan, among them is Yoshikazu Tanaka, a highly regarded blacksmith. They have crafted white and blue steel knives that have appealed to traditional and more modern tastes for many years. Sakai’s rich evolution of knife making, which dates back some 600 years, is proudly represented by this company. 

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